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Linda Ocejo, MA, CPRP, CLC
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Past. Present, and Future
     MA Psychology - Pi Lambda Theta
     BA Psychology - Cum Laude
     CLC - Certified Life Coach
     CPRP - Certified Psychiatric
     Rehabilitation Practitioner
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     Professional Life Coaches
    American Psychological Association
    American Psychological Society
    Pi Lambda Theta - National
    Professional and Honor Society
    Psychiatric Rehabilitation
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Life Coach - Life Coaching - Help with relationships, goals, conflicts, obtacles and skills

Welcome to my blog.... I hope that you find the information within the blog to be helpful. It is my intention to cover many of the important topics that we all, as human beings, find ourselves dealing with very often during our lifetimes. There will be frequent blog postings in an effort to give my readers the opportunity to find the information they may be looking for relative to events/situations which may be taking place in their lives. At times, life-like scenarios may be utilized in an effort to bring a realism to the process, which we all may be able to relate to in one way or another. I do believe that we all go through similar circumstances throughout our lifetimes, and once we understand that we are not alone in the hardships and trials and tribulations of the human experience, we may become better equipped to deal with the difficulties we may be faced with at one time or another. After all, I truly believe that we should all “cherish each day and live it to the fullest.”    Best regards, Linda

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Many adults believe that bullying throughout one's school years is a normal, to-be-expected, rite of passage, so to speak, and that everyone goes through it at one time or another. However, I believe that nothing could be further from the truth...  Click here for more on Bullying

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Grief is a part of the human experience which we all go through during our lifetimes. However, we all handle grief differently, and there is not one "best way, or healthy way" to handle our grief.  .   Click here for more on Grief

Past, Present, and Future. It appears to me that many people hold onto the past where it can become a negative influence on their present and future lives...     Click here for more on Past, Present, and Future
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